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If something has gone wrong with your lock or if your key is stolen, you would want to replace your lock. But is that the only option? We would say no! There is a cheaper option that is just as effective. It is called rekeying. At Olmos Park TX Locksmiths Store, our experts often advise customers in Olmos Park, TX area to re-key locks instead of replacing perfectly fine ones.

What does it mean?

Re-keying simply means changing the internal configurations of the lock completely! The previous keys will thus no longer work with it. You would need new keys to go with the present re-keyed lock. After re-keying, your lock is as good as a new one and serves the same purpose, but at almost half the price.

Here are some instances when you can opt to re-key locks instead of replacing them:

Moving to a new house:

Relocated recently? Securing your house with rekeyed locks must be your top priority. You never know how many people have the keys to the lock of your house, and you can never be sure of their intentions. The best way to go is to rekey your locks as soon as you move in so that you know that your home is secure and only you have access to it.

Tenant change:

If your tenants have moved or if you have had to evict tenants recently, it is extremely important that you rekey locks to your property immediately. You wouldn’t know if the evicted tenant is plotting to vandalise your property and take revenge! Improve your home security by rekeying your locks. Our experts can come over, inspect your property and detect any security lapses as well.

Divorce/fall outs

If you have fallen out with someone who has the keys to your home, you’d do well to rekey your locks. Who knows if they would want to upset you by ransacking your possessions or even stealing them? Better be safe than sorry! Call our experts to rekey locks at once.

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When will a re-key lock procedure not work?

  • If your locks are dilapidated
  • If your locks are old and outdated
  • If the lock has signs of physical damage
  • If the internal workings of the locks are not fine
  • If the life expectancy of the lock is poor

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